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Charley Black

About the Author

Charley Black is an up-and-coming writer and author who has been creating stories since she was twelve years old. Her early short stories dabbled in different genres, but her passion for romance novels — paranormal romance in particular — always shone through. Charley currently resides in Warwick, Rhode Island, with her family and works at a local university. Debuting in September, Entwined will be the first of three novels set in the Within the Darkness universe.

"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined."
-Henry David Thoreau

About Me picture

Hi, my name is Charley Black.
I was born and raised in Providence, Rhode Island where I will most likely die too. I don't ever plan to leave. Though I do love to travel to other countries I always come home. I am 33 years young, an author, and a proud mother. I have a pair of beautiful twin three-year-old girls who drive me nuts and a wonderful husband who puts up with all of our shenanigans.

picture of Entwined within the darkness

I started writing when I was twelve years old. I had this amazing dream about a crush I had at the time asking me out and in my dream, we had started dating so naturally not wanting that fantasy to end I wrote it down and then started to add to it.

Sometimes it would be something that happened at school or something I wanted to happen until it became this full-fledged story. Over the years my crush changed and a new story would begin until college. I begin to make up my characters and I made my ideal crush then slowly over the years I realized I could create my own world. It starting to become addicting.

picture of charley black in witch costume

One of the biggest barriers as an indie black author is the simple fact there are not many of us writing in the fantasy/paranormal realm so it is hard to find a sense of community. Also, another barrier is not finding the stock images I need to create book covers or marketing materials. It's either I pay to have it photographed myself or don't use images of people.

picture of black girl with curly hair standing in front of a door

Such a hard question. I think I would want to travel to a world of my own creation because I would know all the rules and I could also make them up along the way. There are also a few characters of mine that I have e a bone to pick with. so it would be great to meet them in person

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