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The Fall of Celearius

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Entwined Within the Darkness book

Entwined Within the Darkness

Within the Darkness, Book 1

Prepare for a whirlwind of supernatural chaos in a night gone demonically wrong...

Patience, a witch with a thirst for answers, finds herself trapped in a web of lost memories and unanswered questions, even after half a century. Plagued by haunting visions of piercing red eyes and plagued by mysterious dreams, the truth eludes her. Seeking distraction, she defies all laws and infiltrates the forbidden vampire club, Moarte. Little does she know, her world is about to spiral into darkness.

A Dance Within the Darkness book

A Dance Within the Darkness

Within the Darkness, Book 2

The darkness thickens, and secrets come to light. Patience and Lucius embark on a heart-stopping adventure to unravel the mysteries that bind them. Brace yourself for unexpected twists, intense emotions, and a love that refuses to be denied. #ShadowsUnveiled #UnmaskingTruths

As the weight of Askaria's destiny hangs in the balance, Patience and Lucius find themselves at a crossroads.

With the fate of Askaria hanging in the balance, Patience and Lucius must reconcile their conflicting desires...

Forever Within the Darkness

Within the Darkness, Book 3

Unveil the secrets, confront the darkness, and reignite the flames of passion. Embrace the darkness one last time in the epic finale of the Within the Darkness Trilogy.

In "Forever Within the Darkness," Lucius and Odessa confront centuries of torment, battling to reclaim their stolen past. Haunted by amnesia and ensnared by deception, they embark on a treacherous odyssey across realms, relentlessly pursued by the malevolent Lilith and her vile brood.

With each stride of their journey, they unearth fragments of Odessa's lost memories, locked in a race against time and the unrelenting pursuit of their adversaries. Yet amid the chaos and peril, their love for one another blazes anew, a beacon of hope in the encroaching darkness.

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Charley Black

Paranormal/Fantasy Romance Author

Charley Black is an up-and-coming writer and author who has been creating stories since she was twelve years old. Her early short stories dabbled in different genres, but her passion for romance novels — paranormal romance in particular — always shone through.


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