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Within the Darkness Trilogy

picture of Entwined Within the Darkness

Within the Darkness, Book 1

Prepare for a whirlwind of supernatural chaos in a night gone demonically wrong...

Patience, a witch with a thirst for answers, finds herself trapped in a web of lost memories and unanswered questions, even after half a century. Plagued by haunting visions of piercing red eyes and plagued by mysterious dreams, the truth eludes her. Seeking distraction, she defies all laws and infiltrates the forbidden vampire club, Moarte. Little does she know, her world is about to spiral into darkness.

When her closest friend, Michael, undergoes a terrifying transformation into a full-fledged demon, Patience is driven to desperate measures. She binds him to his vampire lover, hoping to save him from the abyss. But the situation takes a treacherous turn when Lucius, the formidable brother of Michael's vampire escort, emerges with a seething hatred for witches—and an undeniable magnetic pull towards Patience.

Forced into an unlikely alliance, Patience and Lucius must join forces to locate a precious soul gem that holds the key to breaking the deadly bond before Michael and his brother's soul are irrevocably lost. As their dangerous alliance deepens, long-buried memories resurface, connecting them in ways they never expected. Patience soon realizes Lucius might hold the answers to her enigmatic past, but can she convince him she is more than an enemy to be vanquished?

In a journey that entwines love, danger, and the dark forces of destiny, Patience, and Lucius unravel the secrets that bind them together. But the price of unlocking their fate may prove deadlier than they ever imagined. Brace yourself for an electrifying ride as they navigate a world where trust is scarce and their unspoken attraction could be their ultimate salvation or damnation. 

Entwined, the first book in the Within the Darkness Trilogy, will leave readers in suspense. This enemies-to-lovers story will be filled with plenty of action, humor, and steam. So, prepare yourself, as the end of this novel leaves us with a cliffhanger, but not for long! Intended for 18+ readers, stay tuned to find out what lies ahead in this captivating trilogy.

picture of A Dance Within the Darkness

Within the Darkness, Book 2

The darkness thickens, and secrets come to light. Patience and Lucius embark on a heart-stopping adventure to unravel the mysteries that bind them. Brace yourself for unexpected twists, intense emotions, and a love that refuses to be denied. 

As the weight of Askaria's destiny hangs in the balance, Patience and Lucius find themselves at a crossroads.

Together, they must reconcile their conflicting desires, untangle the threads of their shared past, and navigate a treacherous path to sever their blood bond. For only by breaking free from the shackles that bind them can they confront the formidable forces threatening their quest for redemption.

Amidst the labyrinth of political intrigue and the looming threat of Lilith, the mother of all vampires, Patience and Lucius must unravel the secrets that lie dormant within their souls. Their journey takes them to the watery realm of Amare, where they encounter Queen Azalin and her loyal maladrias, Ennes and Nikita. The fate of their world rests on their shoulders as they seek the key to reclaiming the throne and safeguarding Askaria from impending doom.

In their relentless pursuit, Patience and Lucius will be tested like never before. Embracing the dance within the darkness, they will discover the depths of their own courage, resilience, and love. Will they succeed in their mission, forging a future where love and destiny intertwine? Or will they succumb to the relentless forces that threaten to tear them apart?

Get ready for an epic tale of sacrifice, passion, and self-discovery as Patience and Lucius embark on a journey that will challenge their very existence. Brace yourself for a mesmerizing adventure that explores the power of love, the resilience of the human spirit, and the triumph of hope in the face of darkness. The destiny of Askaria awaits. 

Prepare to be enthralled as the second installment of the Within the Darkness Trilogy, "A Dance," delivers a riveting blend of suspense, passion, and unexpected twists. Brimming with heart-pounding action, witty banter, and sizzling chemistry, "A Dance" takes readers on a rollercoaster ride of emotions. With a tantalizing cliffhanger that will leave you yearning for more, so buckle up and immerse yourself in this captivating world, designed for mature audiences seeking an unforgettable journey through darkness and desire.

Prepare for an electrifying next chapter that will leave you breathless and craving for more.


Within the Darkness, Book 3

Unveil the secrets, confront the darkness, and reignite the flames of passion. Embrace the darkness one last time in the epic finale of the Within the Darkness Trilogy.

In "Forever Within the Darkness," Lucius and Odessa confront centuries of torment, battling to reclaim their stolen past. Haunted by amnesia and ensnared by deception, they embark on a treacherous odyssey across realms, relentlessly pursued by the malevolent Lilith and her vile brood.

With each stride of their journey, they unearth fragments of Odessa's lost memories, locked in a race against time and the unrelenting pursuit of their adversaries. Yet amid the chaos and peril, their love for one another blazes anew, a beacon of hope in the encroaching darkness.

As alliances are forged and battles waged, Lucius and Odessa face their ultimate trial - a final showdown against Lilith and her unholy legions. Only by embracing the full potency of their love and rallying their allies' strength can they hope to obliterate the darkness once and for all.
Lucius and Odessa's journey will test their resolve, their courage, and the depth of their love as they fight for a future where light triumphs over darkness.

Embark on the final chapter of the extraordinary love story in "Forever Within the Darkness. Book Three of the Within the Darkness Trilogy." Prepare to be captivated by a tale where love conquers all, magic reigns supreme, and danger lurks in every corner. Are you ready to embrace the darkness one last time?

Release Date: May 28, 2024

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In a world gripped by turmoil and rebellion, Serenity finds herself thrust into an unexpected alliance. Driven by a desperate need to save her family, she is forced to enter the rigid system that governs their lives. Little does she know that her fate will intertwine with the dedicated head of the Vampyr council.

Kane, burdened by the weight of his responsibilities, never desired a new Elite by his side. His sole focus was quelling the uprising that threatened to dismantle everything he held dear. However, fate has different plans, and Serenity emerges as a potential savior in his quest to save the city of Celearius from its impending doom.

As they navigate a treacherous world of secrets and intrigue, Serenity and Kane discover an undeniable connection. She, with her unwavering determination, and he, with his shrouded past, must learn to trust each other if they are to succeed. Serenity's unexpected presence may hold the key to bringing an end to the rebellion and restoring balance to Celearius.

Together, they embark on a dangerous journey, their paths merging as they face formidable adversaries and uncover the truth hidden beneath layers of deception. Bound by a shared destiny, Serenity and Kane must confront their own demons while forging a bond that transcends their differences. Will they overcome the odds and find solace amidst chaos? Only time will reveal if their combined strength will be enough to save Celearius from its looming downfall.

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